get stunning fine-art edits in Photoshop


with a
a simple, step by step process

Spend less time editing and get eye-catching results!

Watch the Video to see how


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Do you ever bring a photo into Photoshop and think ‘what next’?

Do you want to create a beautiful work of art and are not sure HOW to achieve
the gorgeous look of the images you see in your FacebookTM and Instagram feeds..

If you want to:

✔️speed-up your workflow

✔️have a start to finish process to get consistent results

✔️decrease the overwhelm of Photoshop

✔️create beautiful, dreamy fine-art edits
(painterly – dramatic or as natural and subtle as you desire)

This is for YOU

This Photoshop action set will help you with

✔️colour correction and colour grading

✔️frequency separation

✔️skin retouching and warm skin tones

✔️shaping the light

✔️striking eyes

✔️painterly finishes

and more….

Fine-art Workflow Action comes with comprehensive video tutorials and sample image for practice

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Produce changes that are as subtle or as dramatic as you want them to be!

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*A basic working knowledge of Photoshop is recommended

“It’s as simple as opening the desired photoshop layer group and making the adjustments you want! You are in complete control of the end result.”

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Your instructor

Nicki O'Donovan
Photography Educator

Nicki is wife to her hero and stay-at-home mother to six precious children. She loves her home in Co. Wicklow, Ireland, and is constantly dreaming up new photo ideas with a mug of homemade latte in hand. She loves teaching other aspiring photographers what she has learned.

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