meet the team

“The ability to take breath-taking images begins with a vision”

We are the team that would like to help you go from creative inspiration to executing heart-warming, story-telling portraits. We’ve been in your shoes – wondering how to get those amazing captures. We’ve discovered the secrets that many photographers closely guard. We are excited to share these with you and we’re dedicated to helping you become the skilled photographer you dream of being!


Nicki, a self-taught photographer, specializes in child and family fine art photography. The humble beginnings of her taking magical photos of her children, has expanded to educating photographers through online workshops and photoshop tutorials. To view her gallery click here.

SHELLANNE Richardson

Michele is a self-taught photographer and videographer based in Ireland. She loves the adventure of the fine-art photography journey and loves venturing out into breath-taking landscapes to capture these photography journeys on video. Her favourite part of memories is making them.