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Kisses in the Snow

Nicki O’Donovan and Michéle O’Donovan would love to take you on an adventure of capturing priceless childhood stories, so that you can go out in confidence and get captivating results in winter.  A world of wonder awaits – add warmth this winter with a touch of magic!


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Bunny Love

20 Optically captured Overlays from real falling Snow. 

One-click Photoshop Edit.

Get that authentic, magical, snowy look in seconds.

Includes video on how to install your actions and apply your snow overlays to customise the look you want.

Includes this Photoshop Edit

Portrait in the Snow


  • Beginner or Advanced photographer looking to ​photograph confidently in snowy and wintry conditions
  • If you are interested in learning how to work with children of different ages and tailor your photoshoot accordingly
  • If you want step by step guidance on how to compose and edit your photos more elegantly and artistically
  • The photographer who ​wants to become more skilled in Photoshop so they can get captivating results ​
  • If you are looking for hands-on mentoring with the desire to peek over my shoulder ​
  • You’re keen to see the process of creative inspiration to executing a heart-warming childhood keepsake
  • You want to learn how to cull your images and select the ones that communicate emotionally with your viewer


​9 Videos (Peek over my shoulder) – over 3 hrs of engaging content sharing my photography secrets

  • 3 Photoshop Editing Tutorials (Hand-edits)
  • 3 On-Location Training and Behind the Scenes Footage
  • Tips for Photographing in the Snow
  • How to Create your own Snow Overlays from real Snow
  • How to use your Snow Overlays in Photoshop

20 Snow Overlays from real falling snow

​One-click edit Photoshop action for Snow Overlays

​2 Bokeh digital backdrops

​2 Framing Overlays

*A working knowledge of Photoshop is recommended
*All versions of Photoshop work with the techniques I teach

Preserve memories,
tell a story
and take people on a journey
with emotionally moving photos this winter!

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