Master the Light so you can photograph confidently

Learn how to manipulate, harness and control natural light in any lighting scenario both indoors and outdoors.  Photograph with confidence! 


LEARN the keys to dynamic

Gain the skills to become a visual story-teller and learn the creative approach that produces compelling images.  Kiss dull photos goodbye! 


Photoshop made Simple for dreamy edits

Get stunning results with simple, easy-to-follow techniques that give your photos a dreamy finish. No more feeling overwhelmed or frustrated.

“So many amazing secrets were revealed…”

It has been one of the most enjoyable and informative courses I have ever taken. I would highly recommend the course for any skill level.  So many amazing secrets were revealed ( my jaw dropped watching the videos !)

Fiona D'Cruz /

I can’t say enough how grateful I am

“I just have to tell you I am LOVING the course so far. I have finished watching the first module as well as half of the videos for the overlays and I couldn’t be more excited about everything I’m learning!!! Watching you edit your photos I’m picking up little tips and tricks as well as hearing first hand why/how to edit certain parts of the photo which is just completely invaluable to me. I can’t say enough how grateful I am….. “ 

Andrea Gulliver / Canada

What’s inside the

Fine-Art Lifestyle Photography 

Online Workshop


  • The checklist for planning ahead of time

  • Developing the story you want to tell

  • 10 fundamental factors to getting amazing fine-art results

  • How to control and manipulate the natural light in any lighting scenario

  • Troubleshooting common lighting challenges

  • How to harness the light for your story

  • Behind the scene footage to visually underline theory

  • BONUS: 2 Photoshop Light Series edits.  You get the sample images and edit along with me.

‘Light series’ Before

‘Light series’ After

‘Light Series’ Before

‘Light Series’ After


  • The secrets to capturing everyday moments indoors

  • How to get real light rays in your scene

  • The game changing effect of incorporating artificial continuous light

  • Overcoming the challenges of photographing indoors

  • Peering over my shoulder for 2 indoor photoshoots

  • BONUS: Bunny edit along with me (sample image included)

  • BONUS: Pancake edit along with me (sample image included)

‘Bunny edit’ Before

‘Bunny edit’ After

‘Pancake edit’ Before

‘Pancake edit’ After


  • The art of story-telling

  • Finding inspiration in unassuming places

  • Creating visually pleasing images by understanding the key elements of a great composition

  • Inspiration triggers to help the creative process

  • Creative planning

  • The importance of styling

  • An introduction to compositing and how to make it believable

  • BONUS: It’s a Beautiful Life edit with me (sample image included)

‘It’s a beautiful life’ Before

‘It’s a beautiful life’ After


  • Colour theory training and how to create a beautiful colour palette

  • Finding the right light for your story

  • BONUS: Winter Magic Edit (sample images included to edit along with me)

‘Winter magic’ Before

‘Winter magic’ After


  • 5 PDF Workbooks covering course material

  • Quick and easy reference at your fingertips

  • Perfect to use as cheat sheets for a confidence boost before a Photoshoot


  • 6 Sample images included for quick learning and practice.

  • Hand-editing is taught for full creative control

  • Fine-Art finishing techniques to get those dreamy edits

  • Overlays used in the edit are included for download 


  • Which photo printing company to use

  • How to prepare your images for print

  • Behind the scenes look at setup before placing your print order

Instructor led discussion with Q & A, to troubleshoot any questions you have as you work through the modules. This is to ensure that you get the maximum benefit from the course with high-touch support.

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About Your Instructor

Nicki O’Donovan | Creative Photography Educator

I am wife to an amazing man and mother of 7 children.  The beautiful place I call home is Co. Wicklow, Ireland. The humble beginnings of capturing stories of our Irish adventures, has expanded to educating photographers through online workshops. I can’t wait to share the keys I’ve discovered to finding the right light, the important elements to a compelling image, as well as the simple steps in Photoshop to get breath-taking results. 

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Pre-requisite for getting the most out of this course

Your investment in the

Fine-Art Lifestyle Photography

Online Workshop

Course and Bonuses

  • Exclusive Educational Content – FastTrack your path to Beautiful Childhood Captures
  • Invitation to a private FB group for SUPPORT as you Learn and Grow. This will include instructor led discussion with Q & as you work through the modules. 
  • Lifetime access to your Lessons
  •  BONUS 1: PDF Workbooks to use as Cheat Sheets for Quick and Easy Reference
  • BONUS 2:  6 ‘Edit Along with me’ in Photoshop: Sample images included for quick learning. Hand-editing is taught for full creative control
  • BONUS 3: How to prepare your images for print and which printing company to use. Avoid the disappointment of poor quality prints.
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  • Beginner (who can photograph in manual mode) and Intermediate Photographer who wants to capture whimsical, magical portraits of her children
  • The Creative that feels that watching editing tutorials is not enough, they want to learn how to get it right in camera first
  • The photographer that is wanting to better master the light
  • The photographer that wants to improve their Photoshop skills without overwhelm or frustration
  • The photographer wanting to discover how to incorporate artificial lighting in a magical way
  • Entrepreneur who wants to start a children’s photography business but feels inadequate with their skill level
  • The Creative that is interested in seeing results in the next 6 weeks 



  • Someone who has not figured out what photography genre they want to get into
  • Someone looking for a quick fix and not willing to put in the work to get those incredible results
  • The Photographer that can’t photograph in manual mode yet
  • The Photographer that wants to set up a professional indoor studio
  • The Creative satisfied with their current results

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